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It is important that you know the make and model number of the cable box used by your cable provider, so we can provide you with the correct Replacement Cable Converters or Cable Descramblers. If you do not rent a cable converter box from your cable provider, then see a friend or neighbor who does, someone in the same area with the same cable provider. The rented cable converter box should allow you to order pay per view and premium services. The model number can be found on the bottom of the converter box.

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JerroldJERROLD SYSTEM- Jerrold Cablebox Replacements and Original Equipment.

PioneerPIONEER SYSTEMS- Pioneer Cablebox Replacements and Equipment.

Scientific AtlantaSCIENTIFIC ATLANTA- Scientific Atlanta Cablebox Replacements and Original Equipment.

TocomTOCOM SYSTEMS- Tocom Cablebox Replacements and Equipment.

ZenithZENITH SYSTEMS- Zenith Cablebox Replacements and Equipment.

General InstrumentsGENERAL INSTRUMENTS- General Instruments Cablebox Replacements and Equipment.

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