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general instruments tv descramblers

GENERAL                  ADD ON               REPLACEMENT  

   MODEL#                DESCRAMBLER           DESCRAMBLER BOX  
   DP-5                      N/A              APACHE or GENERAL
      DPV-5                     N/A              APACHE or GENERAL   
   DP7                     RFT-DAM            APACHE or GENERAL
    DPV7                    RFT-DAM            APACHE or GENERAL 
      DPBB                    RFT-DAM           RAMPAGE or GENERAL   
    CFT20xx                 RFT-DAM           RAMPAGE or GENERAL 
    CFT22xx                 RFT-PLUS                     GENERAL 
     CFT22xxSP               RFT-PLUS                     GENERAL  
X or XX means any number                                 
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APACHE    $235 each
RAMPAGE    $280 each
RFT-DAM   $105 each
RFT-PLUS   $115 each

Plus $25 for shipping and handling

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